Welcome To The Divine ART Shine Connective Community!

🌈🎶Discover & Celebrate the MagicALL World of Colour & PlayFULLness as you Expand the Power of Your Divine IMAGINATION & INSPIRATION through Exploring Your Sacred Personal Painting Practice!! 🌟

🌈🎶Remember the JOY of Painting your Energy🌟

🌈🎶Feel the Magic of Your LOVE & PeaceFULLness flowing out into the ART that is Your LIFE 🌟

Team Paintbrush

🌈🎶CLAIM Your Sacred creARTive Space in our Rainbow PEACEdreamWeaving Community Circle 🌟
💗Add Your Unique Brushstroke of PEACE to 🌈TEAM PAINTBRUSH!! 🌟
We are the 🌈🎶Rainbow PeaceDream 🌟 becoming more & more Visible through our Sacred PlayFULLness and this is a Gift for ourselves & All of Life 💕 Yay!!

Join us today…

Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle

💖You are invited into this 6-month UDRCircle initiating a New Paradigm of Recovery as underworld experiences are transmuted into Personal Power.
💖Be held in the LOVE & Support of our UDRCircle as you Empower and Transform your life.
💖Enrollments are now open. Live Zoom calls begin August 2024.

Find out more here…

Honouring Your Divine Feminine Goddess

🌸Enjoy this Intuitively Guided Creative Exercise Inspired by the Beautiful Frangipani Flowers freshly fallen along my path…

🎶Relax with the healing flow of sound and colour in Support of your Sacred Personal Painting Practice…

Explore this offering...

“I Choose LOVE” Painting Project!

💗This is an Intuitive Painting Energy Practice to Inspire & Support You in Establishing & Deepening Your Sacred & Personal Painting Meditation Practice.
💗Open Up with ART Inspirations to Guide & Support You in Weaving & Merging Your Meditation with Your Intentional ART Making.
💗Allow Your Energy of LOVE to become Visible & Expand more and more in Your Life and our World.

Expand LOVE today…

Free ART Meditation Journey

🌈🎶Relax and enjoy this ART Meditation Journey weaving together the healing energies of colour & sound to release stress and restore PeaceFULLness.

Claim your FREE Gift...

“Together we are creARTing an Inspiring, Supportive & Fun Sacred Space to gather with a Focus on strengthening our Personal & Planetary PEACE Practice and Expressing ourselves authentically in Community. I remember feeling like I didn’t belong & holding back on expressing the Colour and PlayFULLness of my Magical Mystical Spirit. Now we are each BEing called to be Brave & to Shine our LOVELight as authentically as possible ~ and this takes some creARTivity!
We are Stronger Together. We are the Peace we seek.”
I hope you join TEAM PAINTBRUSH.”
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