Welcome To The Divine ART Shine Connective Community!

Discover & Celebrate the MagicALL World of Colour & PlayFULLness…

Explore the MAGIC of BEing in Your Sacred Personal Painting Practice!!

Experience Your creARTive Expression GROW & SEE Yourself and Your LIFE as if through NEW EYES…

Claim Your Sacred creARTive Space & FEEL the Support of our PEACEdreamWeaving Community…
FEEL the JOY of rippling this MAGIC out into the ART that is Your LIFE.

Team Paintbrush

CLAIM Your Sacred creARTive Space in our Rainbow PEACEdreamWeaving Community Circle.
Add Your Unique Brushstroke of PEACE to 🌈TEAM PAINTBRUSH!! 🌟
BE in the ACTIVE Practice of Making PEACE with… Self… Other… ALL


Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle

The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle is initiating a New Paradigm for Women in Recovery as underworld experiences like addictions, divorce, trauma, grief, mental health conditions, chronic pain, injury, illness, isolation, burn out etc are transmuted into personal power with radical success.


Honouring Your Divine Feminine Goddess

Enjoy this Intuitvely Guided Creative Exercise
… in Support of your Sacred Personal Painting Practice…


“I Choose LOVE” Painting Project!

This is an Intuitive Painting Energy Practice to Inspire & Support You in Establishing & Deepening Your Sacred & Personal Painting Meditation Practice.

Open Up with ART Inspirations to Guide & Support You in Weaving & Merging Your Meditation with Your Intentional ART Making allowing Your Energy of LOVE to become Visible & Expand more and more in Your Life and our World.


Free ART Meditation Journey

Relax and enjoy this ART Meditation Journey weaving together the healing energies of colour & sound to release stress and restore PeaceFULLness.


“Together we are creARTing an Inspiring, Supportive & Fun Sacred Space to gather with a Focus on strengthening our Personal & Planetary PEACE Practice and Expressing ourselves authentically in Community. I remember feeling like I didn’t belong & holding back on expressing the Colour and PlayFULLness of my Magical Mystical Spirit. Now we are each BEing called to be Brave & to Shine our LOVELight as authentically as possible ~ and this takes some creARTivity!
We are Stronger Together. We are the Peace we seek.”
I hope you join TEAM PAINTBRUSH.”
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