Direct your Focus through the Magic of Painting!

Living in LOVE is our Choice and holding our FOCUS on this Choice throughout our day can take some Practice. Discovering Tools and Support to help us in this Practice is such a GIFT. 

When we are able to maintain our FOCUS on the Choices we are making within each moment we can FEEL our Personal Power GROW. Developing more Awareness around this Ability to FOCUS & Direct our Attention Towards the LIFE we are Choosing is very Empowering. Our Personal Painting Practice gives us lots of Opportunities to GROW our Awareness around the Thoughts we are having while we are Painting and this is such a GIFT.

I invite you to Open Up to Magic available to you as you ALLOW yourself to EXPAND into the colourFULL world that is your Personal Painting Practice. Practice BEing in the Action of BEcoming Aware of the Thoughts that Arise while you are Painting. PLAY around with Holding your FOCUS on Supportive Thoughts and Ideas that UPLIFT your heART & mind and FEEL your Gratitude GROW. This is your Soul inheritance. Together We are reclaiming our Personal Power through our ability to FOCUS & Choose our Thoughts and Observe how they make us FEEL. This is a Beautiful Gift that ripples out and Creates Magic in our World.

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